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Palm Coast Saturday, Mar. 30, 2013 7 years ago

Bob Ross: Then and now

by: Jock MacKenzie Contributing Writer

Back in a time when Palm Harbor ruled the roost and was clearly the lead golf site in this part of Florida, I would pair up with Bob Ross and marvel at the smoothness and success of his swing. When the distance and direction began to take a curve, I remember telling Ross to keep his right arm closer to his body. 


He was off and running with terrific scores again.

These were the days when Col. Robert Jones, Tony Maltese, Roy Barfield, Gary Freeman and others ruled the course; a time when George Pollio was every bit as good at this game as he sensationally is now. It was also a period when ITT Corp. had initiated the building of Palm Coast and operated in full from a beautiful hotel named the Sheraton as they brought to life golf courses such as Pine Lakes, Cypress, Matanzas, Hammock Dunes and Grand Haven.

Today, Ross uses most of his swings at Pine Lakes and Cypress and the great of days of youth had wandered from his grasp. Well, all of a sudden, the game of youth was back. Playing with former Mayor Jim Canfield, Ross fired a blistering round of 85, and he is off and running now at the opening whistle.

Those golfing days of yesterday were special, and so is this popular Hall of Famer who is playing the game today like it was way back then.

Dick Ackerman, at Pine Lakes
It’s written somewhere that our past is not as important as our future. That we should look ahead and move on.

Dick Ackerman, coming here out of Manchester, N.H., years ago, is doing exactly that with the Knights of Columbus Golf League at Pine Lakes.

Felled by an unexpected illness that stalled sensational golf performances, Ackerman is looking for others to join him in a nine-hole league, a group that plays 3 p.m. every Tuesday on the green grass of Pine Lakes.

Make no mistake. Ackerman can still pound the golf ball a country mile as famous golf pro and teacher Jim Simes will quickly attest.

Ackerman told us: “Our membership includes both low and high handicappers, and it is a place where golf is fun."

If you are thinking about playing relaxing golf with a great group of golfers, call Bill at 445-3253.

As one of prental Scottish ancestry, I’m well aware that it is legal in some places to shoot a Scotsman if he’s carrying a bow and arrow — except on Sundays.

With that hovering above my head, I’m still willing to follow Ackerman’s footsteps with the Knights of Columbus Golf League on Tuesdays.

How about you?

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