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Palm Coast Wednesday, Apr. 3, 2019 9 months ago

Are Palm Coast's traffic signals out of sync?

City responds to letter writer's question.
by: Guest Writer

Why are the lights not in sync in Palm Coast?

Dear Editor:

Our traffic signals are out of sync; that is becoming dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. Example: Turning left from Palm Coast Parkway onto to Old Kings Road North, 40 or more cars are trying to turn. They go one block and are stopped by a red light; then cars are backed up onto Palm Coast Parkway. Same problem at Palm Coast Parkway and Cypress Point and Belle Terre.

The signals should turn green to keep traffic flowing. I was told several months ago that a study was being done. I also contacted the mayor and city manager about this problem.

Just how long does it take to study traffic signals in a small town like Palm Coast ?

Bill Flohr

Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: We asked the city your question, and here is the response, through spokeswoman Cindi Lane:

“The city is continually monitoring traffic signal operations and making improvements to problem areas. The signals on Palm Coast Parkway are tied to one another, so any adjustments to one affects the rest, and that has to be taken into consideration. State Road 100 is on a coordination plan, and in that case, if you change one you have to change them all.

"State Road 100 is the only place currently undergoing a formal traffic signal study, and that is being done by the Florida Department of Transportation. We anticipate that study being completed this spring.

"The city is now implementing the third phase of its traffic signal optimization program and will constantly fine-tune the signals for optimal traffic flow. Motorists will at times have to wait for a second cycle to make it through major intersections, but the wait it not typically longer than that. That is considered normal for traffic operations.”

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