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Palm Coast Tuesday, Jul. 21, 2020 2 weeks ago

A very merry 40th quarantine birthday

How do you celebrate a milestone birthday for an adult during the pandemic?
by: Megan Farrell Contributing Writer

Having a birthday during quarantine is not ideal. We can't gather with friends as we did before. Group dinners are limited to smaller numbers. Special trips out of town are not as easy as they once were. Birthday parades are fun for the kiddos, but what do you do when you're an adult and celebrating a milestone birthday? What would you do to make a 40th birthday special for someone you love?

Today is Brady's 40th birthday! Originally we had plans for taking the week off, our parents coming down to visit, then heading to Las Vegas for a few days to celebrate. Life had different plans for us. Instead of taking the week off, we are taking a long weekend. Instead of our parents coming down, we will be having FaceTime birthday celebrations. Instead of heading off to Vegas, without the little man, we will be taking the time to relax in our own backyard at Hammock Beach resort, baby boy in tow! Although it's not what we originally had in mind, I know it's going to be great. I plan on making this weekend one of the best experiences we have had together as a family.

Luckily for us, we live in a beautiful community with many natural amenities that people travel thousands of miles to visit. We have miles and miles of beautiful beaches to enjoy. I am excited to take the time to explore places we don't usually get to go like Matanzas Inlet, grab our kayaks and head out for an afternoon cruising down the Intracoastal. 

There are a few restaurants I am looking forward to trying for the first time, like the Raw Juice Cafe in Flagler Beach, and heading to our favorite staples, like Captain's BBQ in The Hammock. 

I am also looking forward to slow mornings with two of my favorite guys in a place where we already live and love. We haven't had the chance to see a sunrise together since the baby joined us 17 months ago. It will only be more fun having him there to chase the seagulls with us.

So even though the world looks much different today than this day for the last 39 years, Elijah and I hope you still have the most wonderful weekend, relaxing by a pool, with your family and friends — virtual or in person — with a cocktail in hand! Happy birthday, Brady Nelson. We love you!

Have you had to celebrate a birthday during quarantine? What is something you did to make your loved one feel special? Let us know in the comments below! 

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