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Palm Coast Tuesday, Jun. 23, 2020 3 months ago

A father's influence in the home of a working mama

father (n) a man in relation to his child or children
by: Megan Farrell Contributing Writer

Of course, that is the definition of the basics of being a father, but is that all that a father truly is? When I think of the fathers I have around me, the words that come to mind are caretaker, leader, teacher, strength/support and teammate.

I remember hearing the quote: "Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad." And that rings true for a lot of dads I know, especially my husband.

We are a true team in marriage, parenthood and business. Do we have breakdowns? Absolutely! Is it always rainbows and butterflies? Of course not! But that's also part of the process. Growth and development are key to any relationship, including that of parent and child. Brady and I work together to not only be better in our business and marriage, but also be better for our son.

Working mamas are always going a million miles a minute in more than one direction. Brady is the perfect balance to that. He is the laid back, analytical and introverted. He is truly the ying to my yang. Being complete opposites can cause differences of opinion. Effective communication is the key to keeping our train moving forward and at the speed it's running. He brings me back down when I need it, and I push him out of his comfort zone when necessary.

It is a constant work in progress, but I am forever grateful for the impact this man has made on me; not only as a wife, but a business woman, mother and friend. The moment I fell in love with him was the moment I knew he was going to be an amazing father to my children. I was not wrong about that.

Brady Nelson, thank you for being the best father to our little man and best partner in life. I would not and could not do any of the things in my business or in our community without all of your love and support! Thank you for working with me to be better each day. I can't imagine this life without you!

I hope you all celebrated and loved on the fathers in your life this week. It would be a whole lot more challenging to do all that I do as a mama and business owner on my own.

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