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Palm Coast Thursday, Mar. 26, 2020 3 months ago

A coronavirus Christmas: Palm Coast couple put their lights back up in March

The Stricklands want to spread hope.
by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

In a time of coronavirus-induced social distancing, Jack and Barbi Strickland are finding a way to brighten up their neighbors’ evenings. This week, they have put their Christmas lights back up.

Jack and Barbi Strickland. Courtesy photos

The Stricklands, at 67 Round Thorn Drive, Palm Coast, heard about the trend that began with Twitter post from a Milwaukee Brewers broadcaster named Lane Grindle. They thought it would be fun to participate, so they gathered their extension cords and lights and went to work. The contacted the Palm Coast Observer on March 25 in hopes that others would put their lights up, too.

“We are trying to be a light of hope and also to say thank you to everyone who is doing their part,” said Barbi Strickland.

The couple have some extra time on their hands because Jack Strickland’s work as a private investigator for CovenantBridge Group has been cut back; Barbi Strickland has a business called, serving as a concierge service to pick up groceries and run errands for shut-ins or other people who are short on time. She has been taking time away from her business, following social distancing guidelines.

Barbi Strickland said their Christmas decorations are mostly the same as usual, but they also added a five-foot star high in a pine tree so people can find them, near the intersection of Rymfire and Ravenwood.

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