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Palm Coast Tuesday, Sep. 15, 2020 1 year ago

4 letters: Political signs, house colors, gun article, Joe Mullins

Here's what your neighbors are talking about today.
by: Guest Writer

My sign, my freedom of speech

Dear Editor:

My neighbor across the street owns a vacant lot next to her house, which is on the corner and is a great spot for signs. She wanted to have Biden-Harris signs on that corner, and last week we put up two signs. Those signs were stolen in broad daylight.

A sign reading private property was placed on the lot. I bought two more Biden-Harris signs and put them on the same corner. I put labels on the signs that read “private property” and “please do not steal.” Days later, those signs were again taken, as well as the Biden-Harris signs from my yard and my neighbor’s yard.

I know how deeply divided our country is right now, but freedom of speech, which the signs on our properties represent, is one of our greatest constitutional guarantees. I would never feel that I could go into your yard, take your signs and destroy them. Please respect my right to free speech, just as I respect yours!

Barbara Kroeker

Palm Coast


Be careful with changing colors

Dear Editor:

The city is considering allowing more house colors. As long as they still keep the house colors mellow, that would be fine. How would you like living next door to a two-story bright-blue house? Not a good color. It’s hideous.

Pat Stasio

Palm Coast


Gun article was polarized

Dear Editor:

I was really disappointed with the polarized article titled “Gun sales shoot higher.” I was especially disappointed with Sheriff Rick Staly’s comment about “threats made by some political parties against the Second Amendment.” As if that covers the whole conversation about guns.

I was at a talk Sheriff Staly gave last year on the Baker Act. He seemed to have some understanding about mental illness. The conversation also went to the tragedy at the high school in Parkland, a mass murder committed by a mentally ill man.

I would like to see the Observer interview someone that can speak more to the complex issues regarding common sense gun laws. That can acknowledge that there are people from both political parties that own guns. To have in the conversation, about mentally ill people with guns, as well as people with dementia.

Also, I think every reader knows a story of someone dying by suicide with a gun. Also domestic violence and murders with a gun towards a family member. How active alcoholics with guns can terrify a family with threats to harm or kill. How guns get lost, not placed in safe places and how children have mistakenly hurt/killed a friend. There did not seem a place in the article to discuss safety nor question the logic that an AR15 is lighter, thereby a reason to buy one.

I also know police officers see so much on the job with people causing harm or threats with guns. Can more of this also be written about?

Mary Kiernan-Tighe

Palm Coast


On Mullins’ temper tantrum

Dear Editor:

I watched last week's disturbing County Commission meeting, which has been aptly described as a circus act. It was certainly replete with a plethora of clowns.

You had a clown car full of vocal out-of-control anti-mask recalcitrants expounding false information, attacking our Department of Health officials, and refusing to wear masks in a government building that requires it.

And then there was Commissioner Joe Mullins, apparently supportive of the anti-mask radicals. Mullins had an unhinged temper tantrum, followed later by an incoherent and politically biased rant.

At one point, Mullins stood up and aggressively postured, throwing personal puerile insults at other commissioners, calling one a “fat son of a b----” and even made a comment about his wife. He called another a “useless old man.”

It had to be embarrassing and disheartening for the other commissioners to watch the dignity of a County Commission meeting degrade so badly, especially when caused by one of its own members.

We have to wonder how much of Mullins’ never-ending divisive, controversial shenanigans the commission is willing to tolerate before they take action and censure him. It's long overdue, but this should be the proverbial straw. 

Robert Gordon

Palm Coast

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