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Palm Coast Tuesday, Jun. 1, 2021 3 months ago

4 letters: On fiscal responsibility, pedestrian bridge, Lowe, spending

Here's what your neighbors are talking about today.
by: Guest Writer

What happened to fiscal responsibility?

Dear Editor:

I remember when everybody who was running in this last election said they were going to be fiscally responsible with our money. Then we turn around and spend over $5 million for a racquet center.

Then they ask us to cut back on our water usage, but yet they approve all these permits to build all these homes which is going to use more water. To me, this does not make a lot of sense.

Our roads need to be widened to handle all the traffic that we already have. The stripes on the roads dividing the highway from right side to left need to be repainted in most of the town. 

The School Board’s Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club needs to be remodeled. No one wants to help them, but yet we can spend $5.75 million on a racquet club.

I personally think we need to either remove some of those people on the council that are not in our best interest. Then we need to freeze all pay raises and bonuses until our road conditions can meet the traffic in this town.

And if they’re not willing to do this, from the mayor on down, they need to step down and let someone do it that can handle the job.

Terry Webb

Palm Coast


Why build a bridge over State Road 100?

Dear Editor:

News Editor Jonathan Simmons recently reported on Flagler County’s decision to build a $9.48 million bridge over State Road 100 near Colbert Lane. This would be the proverbial bridge to nowhere! There are few businesses, few within a reasonable distance, and no sidewalks on the south side of State Road 100, so what would be the purpose of the bridge? I am sure there are many more meaningful projects we can spend our hard earned tax dollars.

Brian Rosen

Palm Coast

Editor’s Note: The cost you mentioned includes not only the pedestrian bridge but also additional trails on both sides of State Road 100. Ultimately, the bridge will enable Flagler County’s trail system to connect with Volusia County’s through Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park. The project is funded not by county funds but by the Florida Department of Transportation.


Don’t forget that Lowe tried to renounce his citizenship

Dear Editor:

As some may recall, Alan Lowe lost the Palm Coast mayoral election to Milissa Holland last year likely in part as a result of the surfacing of problematic information about Lowe’s past. Because Holland has resigned and a special election will soon be held, Lowe is again running for mayor. It’s important to revisit what was uncovered then so voters now are aware of the information and can factor it into their special election decision for Palm Coast mayor this July.

Last year, just weeks before that mayoral election, Flagler County court records were discovered, most of which consisted of documents filed by Lowe himself. The records painted a very concerning self-portrait of an individual with a bizarre philosophy and political leanings radically counter to the foundations our country is based upon. The records included Lowe declaring himself a Sovereign Citizen, disavowing citizenship and allegiance to the U.S., and contending he was not subject to laws and taxation.

Curiously, his filed documents also show he attempted to legally change his name to “Alan S. Lowe, Ambassador of Christ” and as such, he claimed he would have immunity for violations of U.S. laws.

The records also include threatening letters to IRS agents who were attempting to collect taxes Lowe did not pay resulting in tax liens and property foreclosure. The letters threatened both civil and criminal action against individual agents.

It’s noteworthy that the actions of the Sovereign Citizen movement have been defined by the FBI as domestic terrorism with roots in white nationalism and antisemitism. Some movement adherents are also active in various financial crimes and bank fraud.

Last year, Lowe, when the Palm Coast Observer confronted him with these findings, his confusing and likely disingenuous response had to do with some “spiritual awakening” issues, “having problems in his head” and a “temporary mindset.” Previously, however, he tried to deny his Sovereign Citizen status despite what the court records show.

Lowe, who is 60 years old, never voted until 2020 when his name was on the ballot. Was the Sovereign Citizen philosophy a reason for that? Was it really a temporary philosophy? 

Maggie Minutaglio

Palm Coast  


We need fewer potholes, not more parks

Dear Editor:

We have an election for mayor of Palm Coast coming up on July 27. We have elected three mayors thus far, so we should have enough experience to get it right this time. If you encounter any of the serious candidates, I would suggest you ask them two questions:

  1. Do you want more parks or fewer potholes? We are over whelmed with parks and becoming overwhelmed with potholes. I have lived here for over 34 years; during that time I have visited one park and that was to see what we were getting for over $10 million. I was not impressed; in fact, I thought we were robbed! During those 34 years, I have driven eight gas-powered motor vehicles and two motorcycles for over 250,000 miles — usually over good roads that are now becoming bad roads. Needless to say I'm voting for fewer potholes !
  2. Are you a Democrat or a Republican? If the person admits to being a Democrat. look them in the eye and back away, turn and run. We don't know if this condition is contagious, and, if it is, there is no vaccine. 

Douglas R. Glover

Palm Coast

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