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Palm Coast Thursday, May 21, 2020 2 months ago

3 work-related lessons learned during quarantine

I am moving forward with a positive attitude, ready to get back into the world — whatever it looks like.
by: Megan Farrell Contributing Writer

1. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. My husband, Brady, and I have been hosting a cooking show on Facebook Live for nine weeks. Before that, if you would have asked him (or me) if that would be something he looked forward to each week, we would have laughed. He was not a fan of video, let alone going live on social media. By leaning into the process, I have seen his confidence grow, not just online, but with customers. It's no secret that video marketing is where it's at. Moving forward, I see us creating a lot more videos for our business. Plus, we have had so much fun learning together!

2. Never stop learning new technology. As soon as we were quarantined, it seemed everyone was on Zoom. We had business meetings, happy hours, and even birthday celebrations. Fortunately, we had some experience on the platform; however, we didn't know it all. I Googled, reached out to friends who had more experience, played with it, failed on it, learned. I am excited to host our first online real estate expo next week with speakers from around the country. I am walking into that feeling confident because I wasn't afraid to learn.

3. The most important lesson: Health and family always come first. As any busy mama knows, our health is typically at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to our responsibilities. I remember the first time I left the baby with Brady and went out rollerblading by myself. When I got back, I felt strong, clear headed and just happy. Spending time with yourself is so important. I've also loved making dinner each night as a family. We've experimented with new recipes, laughed when I tried to cook (not my strong suit), and enjoyed the time spent together. These memories, as well as the ones we made on our evening walks, are ones that I will treasure and continue to make as things return to "normal."

I am choosing to come out of this experience with a heart filled with gratitude. It has not been easy, to say the least; however, by making that choice, I am moving forward with a positive attitude, ready to get back into the world — whatever it looks like.

What did you learn during the last nine weeks that will help you with your business? Share it at

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