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Palm Coast Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021 8 months ago

3 letters: on Lakeview development and Janet McDonald's COVID comments

Here's what your neighbors are talking about.
by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor

Lakeview development may enhance the area

Dear Editor:

I'm not sure why you picked Diana Minotti and me as particular respondents in your article about the Lakeview Estates? It seems strange when so many others were far more opinionated and threatening. 

I noticed that you quoted me, but you left off a little bit more of my comment at the lectern that was said that evening. The part that was left out was that the project needed another way to be approved. That way was the recommendations of both the planning board and city staff. The proposal of the developer was too big and hard to comprehend. It could have been a better presentation had they brought the drone presentation to the planning board. The drone presentation was unique and professionally done. 

My point is your article makes me appear that I was against the project. I did want to see the project work better with the area. Many residents oppose the project in its entirety. For those folks, they needed to speak up at all the hearings. I can't say if they all did or not. 

I believe that discussion and the process is the best way to let things run their course. This was a quasi-judicial matter and needed to be followed to the letter. As residents of Palm Coast, we showed up at the meeting, followed the rules, and believed in the system and process. Also did the attorney and his client. 

At the end of the day, a ruling was issued not 100% in favor of the developer and not 100% in favor of the residents. A project that was overwhelming in the beginning to now a project that may actually enhance the area. 

The plan recommended by the staff and the planning board is acceptable.

Good luck to the developer. I hope all goes well for him and your lawyer did a fine job with the work he put into your plan. I believe it was to use their quote as a "win-win" for everyone.  

Perry Mitrano

Palm Coast


McDonald fails to see COVID evidence

Dear Editor:

I suspect that Bob Synder, health officer of the Florida Department of Health-Flagler is beginning to dread attending Flagler County School Board meetings to address COVID-19 school-related matters and having to contend with School Board member Janet McDonald. 

During the Dec. 15 board meeting, McDonald once again appeared to downplay the severity of the virus, testing accuracy, questioned mask-wearing, and spouted statistics contrary to facts and science and had to be corrected by Snyder. And it was sadly ironic that McDonald had the gall to expound what she falsely contended was a favorable virus recovery rate and did so right after the board’s moment of silence for the highly respected Flagler Palm Coast High School principal who did not recover.

Why McDonald, as an educator, continues to fail to adhere to evidence-based information is disturbing given that evidence-based learning and science are critical components in the educational system that she represents.

Maggie Minutaglio

Palm Coast


McDonald's questions about COVID are 'unconscionable'

Dear Editor:

How do we remove School Board members? For Janet McDonald to say that she “had questions” about the testing and its accuracy and that masks were “unhealthy” — all this after the principal at FPC had died from COVID, is unconscionable. And that Colleen Conklin doesn’t know anyone “that dies from the flu.” Upwards of 60,000 people die from the flu in the U.S. every year. This level of ignorance from School Board members is sad. They don’t need a dashboard. They need an education.

Russ Leavitt

Palm Coast

Editor's Note: Conklin's statement Dec. 15 about the flu was that although she didn't know someone who had died of the flu, the flu is still serious. She then said to McDonald: "It’s not fair to pretend like we have a pretend virus we’ve dealing with. We have a virus that has impacted directly." McDonald said Conklin had mischaracterized her words. McDonald had said earlier in the meeting: "I’d like to see a little backing off of this fear about what a virus can do to you, if we take precautions to be healthy — and we have so many good precautions and practices that are happening in our schools right now."



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