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Palm Coast Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022 5 months ago

3 letters: misinformation, canals, fireworks

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by: Guest Writer

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Don’t amplify misinformed sources

Dear Editor:

After reading a recent letter to the editor, “Palm Coast is affected when Supreme Court doesn’t base vaccine decisions on facts,” I note that the writer, an attorney, references Dr. Malone on the Joe Rogan Podcast, “which has now been listened to over 50,000 times,” for her premise that justices on the Supreme Court erred in their decision-making. 

Perhaps she should refer to statements of law when criticizing a legal decision rather than listening to the Rogan show on Spotify. 

According to a New York Daily News article dated Jan. 13, “A total of 270 ‘scientists, medical professionals, professors, and science communicators’ published an open letter to Spotify, denouncing the platform’s tacit support of dangerous anti-vaccine opinions that Joe Rogan and his guests have disseminated on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience.” 

One wonders which radio podcast Ms. Pontieri uses for her local legal advice. 

Bill Lyon

Palm Coast


Maintain canals without raising taxes? How?

Dear Editor:

Just last week I read one of the letters to the editor which stated that the dredging and maintenance of the canals could be done without an increase in our taxes. That’s a statement that sounds very much like the empty campaign promises we hear around election time.

Today, I read the article where Councilman Ed Danko stated that the work required would cost from $25 million to $50 million, thus my confusion.  

Does the city have a spare $25 million to $50 million lying around? Do we have a fairy godmother who is going to come in and pay for this? 

I am Ieft wondering what information the letter writer has access to. Perhaps he needs to share it with the councilman.  

Edith Campins

Palm Coast


One fireworks show, combining resources?

Dear Editor:

Did the Palm Coast and Flagler Beach consider combining their firework displays and having one really great show on July 4 at the beach? I am sure the cost of fireworks has skyrocketed like everything else! Maybe it will save both towns some money to be united with their celebrations this year.

Rosanne Ilardo

Palm Coast

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