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Palm Coast Friday, Dec. 27, 2013 7 years ago

2013 Sound Bites: Best news quotes, July to December

by: Brian McMillan Executive Editor


Did you catch the sound bites of the year? The first set, from January to June, can be found at And for the second half of the year, read on! 

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July 6
If you think the red light cameras are a volatile issue with the public, the City Hall will make people’s blood boil like you can’t believe.
— Bill McGuire, City Council member, on the prospect of start City Hall discussions again.

July 12
I’ll never forget those eyes. Two years later, I still take those eyes to bed with me every night.
— Rebecca Crowley, victim of a liquor store robbery, recalling the night she was attacked. Jacquez Roland was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the crime.

July 13
We are changing who we are.
— Lynette Shott, Flagler Palm Coast High School principal, on the severity of proposed cuts to school budgets.

July 24
Exert that bold leadership.
— Michael Chiumento, representing the interests of businesses at Town Center, urging the City Council to build a City Hall.

Aug. 14
I can’t even believe that’s on the table. That’s ridiculous. That’s a ridiculous cut in the salary.
— Catherine Robinson, Bunnell mayor, on the decision to reduce the salary of the new city manager from about $97,000 to $80,000, after a split vote resulted in the firing of Armando Martinez.

Aug. 20
We aren’t trying to beat people over the head; we just want to help them be healthier.
— Theresa Williams, of the Health Department, on Flagler County’s decision to make sure future hires are smoke-free.

Aug. 22
I didn’t mean to hurt you. I know it messed you up.
— James Wolfe, Matanzas High School cross country coach, to a former student whom he is accused of having sex with between 2010 and 2011.

Aug. 29
It is important that I, as supervisor of elections, who was elected by the people, and work for the people, make the decisions associated with elections without manipulation.
— Kimberle Weeks, supervisor of elections, on the city’s reluctance to let her use the large room in the Community Center for early voting.

Sept. 24
These acts of kindness and caring had a profound effect on her, and will for the rest of her life.
— Sharon Goerlich, on teacher Frank DiMasi’s tutoring for her daughter, who nearly had to drop out of school because of illness.

Sept. 25
He has severe, severe mental illness that may well have had a lot to do with the circumstances.
— George Reres, attorney for Joseph Bova, who was charged with murdering Mobil gas station attendant Zuheily Rosado.

Oct. 9
Everything you just said was a bunch of crap.
— Ernie Tykarski, on Sheriff Jim Manfre’s explanation that deputies have patrolled speeding on Florida Park Drive.

Oct. 16
We’re trying to mitigate the zero. There is a lot of research that says that this is harmful to kids.
— Dr. Chris Pryor, Matanzas High School principal, defending his preference that incomplete work be awarded no lower than 50% credit.

Oct. 23
It’s a scare tactic.
— Joshua Knight, attorney representing Dennis McDonald, on the city’s decision to file an injunction against McDonald for filing what the city considered to be a frivolous lawsuit.

Oct. 24
These little ones, these four- or five-footers, you open your door, and they hear it, they’ll come right up to you.
— Carol Van Den Burg, Pine Lakes resident who reported nuisance alligators in her backyard.

Oct. 30
Since we haven't had a storm here in a while, one focus will be on providing training relative to a storm.
— Kevin Guthrie, shortly after he was named Flagler County’s new emergency management chief — about six week before the tornado.

Nov. 19
If you are elected, you have to carry out your responsibilities, no matter how tough it is. We have to bite the bullet and make the right decision for the city.
— Bill Lewis, of the City Council, on his decision to vote for a new City Hall despite residents’ objections.

Nov. 20
I don’t want to see us have a succession, I want to see a selection.
— Sims Jones, pastor in Bunnell, on the search for the next superintendent.

Nov. 22
We get accusations of white slavery, of being a pimp. It’s awful. We just want people to have what we have.
— Jonathan Raney, co-owner of Elite American Russian Marriage Specialists.

Dec. 14
It was enough to take your breath away.
— Bob Updegrave, Cimmaron Drive resident who saw the tornado hit Palm Coast.

Dec. 17
He wasn’t innocent in this injury. But he’s been given a second chance. We all deserve a second chance. We’re all eager to see what he’s going to do with that second chance, how he’s going to pay it forward.
— Marti Leavines, grandmother of shooting victim Trevor Blumenfeld.


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