GOLF SCORES 2.2.2013


GOLF SCORES 2.2.2013


Date: February 2, 2013
by: Jock MacKenzie | Contributing Writer



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Jan. 28: Flight 1: Deb Crowley 61, (tie) Zita Corum and Nidia Farrell 65. Flight 2: Phyllis Sieling 65, (tie) Pat Kawa and Ginny Nicewonger68. Flight 3: Jackie Dacuk 58, Judy Ivey 60, Kari Hopler 61, (tie) Gerry Chiarello and Einie Stine 64.

Nine and dine
Jan. 29: (79 golfers) East Flight: Richard Yates, Diana Leonetti, Ray Amara, Jeanie Schreiber gross 28. Gerry and Jean Wright, Bob and Sandy Malone net 27.2. West Flight: Bob and Jackie Callan, George and Geri Kelly gross 34 m/c. Jerry Vurpillat, Rikki Davis, Gary and Pat DeGrave net 27.5. Corky and Margaret McMullen, Vern and Lorraine Romero second net 28.2. South Flight: Steve Bickel, Fred Robinson, Ron Smith, Jack Kowalski gross 32. Most Honest: Phil and Carolyn Zampella, Sharon Neilan and Jean Youngblood 42. Closest to pin: Ray Amara, No. 9; Jack Kowalski, No. 11; Jackie Callan, No. 14.

Jan. 29: Flight 1: Shelby Lee 37, David Ragsdale 36, George Pollio 35, Harry Davis 34. Flight 2: Harvey Lydecker 39, Willard Anderson and Celso Samaniego 37, Al Costello 37, Ed Novalis 35. 1st Gold Flight: Dale Bell 42, Bob Sieling and Foster Vestal 41, Dave Schlink 39, Al Amara 34. 2nd Gold Flight: Bill Cavanaugh 40, Gene Dunn 39 m/c, Frank Mento 39, Jim Miller 36. 3rd Gold Flight: Dick Hoover 41, Dean Jensen 40 m/c, Tom Clutter 40, Bob Ross, Tony Forte and Paul Martini 39. Closest to pin: George Pollio, No. 2; Bill Nelson, No. 8; Ed McLeavey, No. 12; Ed Novalis, No. 16.

Jan. 30: Two-man teams. Blue Flight: Dennis Durand and Pete Bianchi 56, Chuck Culver and Jan Marsh 57, Dennis Emerick and Paul Gillis 58, Hawley Rogers and Bob Borer 59. Red Flight: Rick White and Jack Hinsch 54, Doug March and Buddy Rogers 55, Jose Moctezuma and Jerry Garnett 60 m/c, Tom Rodwick and Blind Draw 60. Closest to pin: Don Tarrence and Pete Bianchi, No. 5; Bob Aiken and Dennis Bridges, No. 8; Doug March and Chuck Culver, No. 14; Tom Smith and Jerry Johnson, No. 17.

Jan. 29: Flight 1: 1st Pat Smith 30, 2nd Ruth Erdner 33, 3rd Karen Gillis 32. Flight 2: 1st Jackie Poole 33, 2nd Mary Culver 33, 3rd Alice Ebbenhorst 33. Flight 3: 1st Marcia Munsterman 33, 2nd Marion Schile36, 3rd Vivian Yozzo 36.

Jan. 30: Chicago points. Flight 1: Steve Quarterone 39 m/c, Steve Gandee 39 Ray Epperson 38. Flight 2: Bill Dessing 43, Ron Svihlik 41, Roger Epperson 40. Green Tee: Jerry Fletcher 41, Jerry DeGiovanni 38, Don Wike 35 m/c. Closest to pin: Andy Jockimo, No. 4; Larry Drinkwater, No. 10; Bill Llewellyn, No. 13.

Jan. 26: Low gross/net. Flight 1: Shay Hall gross 82. Flight 2: Joan Gray gross 89, Janice Peterson net 60. Flight 3: Teri Simon gross 102, Diana Mariano net 76. Closest to pin: Diana Mariano, No. 4; Janice Peterson, No. 10.

Nine-hole league
Jan 28: Pick pars. Flight 1: (Tie) Harriet Trad and Jill Washburn 21. Flight 2: (Tie) Susan Raybine and Pat Nording 24, (four-way tie) Jeanne Elliott, Marilyn Alexander, Claire Greene, Barbara Crosby 26. Flight 3(Five-way tie) Gail Palmer, Marge Bailey, Jackie Carlson, Betty Sabatino, Louise McGuire 24. Closest to pin: Louise McGuire, No. 10.

Jan. 29: Flight 1: 1st Linda Heinke and Sandy Strong 61, 2nd Brenda Ward and Patti McClintock 62. Flight 2: 1st Carol Ross and Connie Belisle 62, 2nd Donna Drevniok and Jane Sturgis 63.

Jan. 29: Six blind holes. Flight 1: Maria Rauschenberger 22.67 m/c, Elaine Studnicki 22.67. Flight 2: Patricia Eldridge 20, Joyce Jackson 22.67. Flight 3: Elaine Wettlin 20, Sandy Schwartz 21.67.

— Jock MacKenzie

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