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Cornelia Manfre celebrates with her husband, Jim, after he is announced the winner in the Flagler County Sheriff race. PHOTO BY SHANNA FORTIER
Palm Coast Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012 3 years ago

ELECTION RESULTS: Weeks, Manfre, Moore Stens

by: The Observer Staff
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Below are unofficial election results from the Flagler County Elections Office, showing Jim Manfre as the new Flagler County sheriff, Kimberle B. Weeks as supervisor of elections, and Melissa Moore Stens as county judge.

George Hanns will remain on the Flagler County Board of County Commissioners in the District 5 seat. Frank J. Meeker won the District 2 seat on the board.

Milissa Holland won Flagler County's vote for the District 24 state representative, Ron DeSantis won Flagler's vote for District 6 representative in Congress, and John Thrasher took the District 6 state senator race in Flagler County.


President & Vice President

53.24%     Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan
45.72%     Barack Obama, Joe Biden

United States Senator

45.03%     Connie Mack
51.90%      Bill Nelson
01.85%      Bill Gaylor
01.13%      Chris Borgia

Representative in Congress, District 6

51.97%     Ron DeSantis
48.03%     Heather Beaven

State Senator, District 6

52.54%     John Thrasher
47.46%     Kathleen Trued

State Representative, District 24

43.53%     Travis Hutson
53.72%     Milissa Holland
02.75%     Michael Cornish

Flagler County Sheriff

49.39%     Donald W. Fleming
50.02%     Jim Manfre

Supervisor of Elections

40.66%     Trey Corbett
59.34%     Kimberle B. Weeks

County Commissioner, District 2

54.84%     Frank J. Meeker
44.99%     Abby Romaine

County Commissioner, District 5

49.69%     Herb Whitaker
50.31%     George E. Hanns 

Justice of the Supreme Court

Shall Justice Fred Lewis of the Supreme Court be retained in office?
66.03%     Yes
33.97%      No

Justice of the Supreme Court

Shall Justice Barbara J. Pariente of the Supreme Court be retained in office?
67.00%     Yes
33.00%      No

Justice of the Supreme Court

Shall Peggy A. Quince of the Supreme Court be retained in office?

66.79%     Yes
33.21%     No

County Court Judge

48.89%     Craig R. Atack
51.11%     Melissa Moore Stens

East Flagler Mosquito Control District, Seat 2

49.80%     Konnie L. Rea
50.20%     Barbara A. Sgroi

East Flagler Mosquito Control District, Seat 3

30.70%     Shawn Byrnes
21.55%     Ed Caroe
22.13%     Steve Levy
25.61%     Aynne McAvoy

Constitutional Ammendment No. 1

49.73%     Yes
50.27%     No

Constitutional Ammendment No. 2

66.95%     Yes
33.05%     No

Constitutional Ammendment No. 3

45.37%     Yes
54.63%     No 

Constitutional Ammendment No. 4

42.73%     Yes
57.27%     No

Constitutional Ammendment No. 5

38.78%     Yes
61.22%     No

Constitutional Ammendment No. 6

44.28%     Yes
55.72%     No

Constitutional Ammendment No. 8

47.25%     Yes
52.75%     No

Constitutional Ammendment No. 9

64.83%     Yes
35.17%     No 

Constitutional Ammendment No. 10

47.00%     Yes
53.00%     No

Constitutional Ammendment No. 11

63.11%     Yes
36.89%     No

Constitutional Ammendment No. 12

42.67%     Yes
57.33%     No

Hammock Dunes Community Development District, Seat 2

47.52%     Kevin J. Kennedy
52.48%     Jack Leckie

Hammock Dunes Community Development District, Seat 3

42.81%     Sumner S. Bryant Jr.
57.19%     Dennis V. Vohs

Hammock Dunes Community Development District Seat 4

60.43%     Gary M. Crahan
39.57%     Elliot M. Puritz


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